A downloadable Débâcle Viscérale for Windows

I'm ama hungry but it is not eaten

it is perishing don't you think so ?

Yeah just keep it all like it is in your bed at night when you should sleep but you can't because you prefer to starve piece of faster

You need space indeed..

Install instructions

laptop users may need a specific direct-x 9 version (of august I think)  https://www.microsoft.com/fr-fr/download/details.aspx?id=5842

If you can't run it (and you really want to) just install Scirra's Construct Classic : 



Jumping BOWELS.rar 24 MB
read me.txt 303 bytes


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It's really short but I opted to do a video on it. 

I enjoy it for the horror, grotesque nature, it's unique and almost has a dark Michel Gondry feel. I thought you did a great job!

Master. We're in a tight spot.

You pice of motivational seeker full of dedication in your immeasurable quest, I'm beholden

But I'm borrowing your vid anyway..

The first  Wringing seems to be eclipsed and I'm kindof ashamed. same shame for the O green loop that permits itself to coincid not (i was playing with my disabled computer, yours seems to be pretty fast) not my kind of HumanNature pretty sure about it.

My entrails feel warmer You benevolent one